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 Approximate Refund Calculator

Often times, consumers are confused as to the substantial amount of recovery they can receive if their vehicle is repurchased under CA Lemon Laws.  The Benchmark Legal “Approximate Refund Calculator” can be used to approximately calculate what your refund amount could like in the event your vehicle is repurchased by the Manufacturer pursuant to the CA lemon law.

Please note that the “Mileage of first attempt for repeated issue” is an assessment that requires legal evaluation of your potential lemon law claim by an attorney.  Although you may enter in what you believe this mileage is, it is recommended that you call our office or contact us for a free evaluation so that an attorney can evaluate your repair invoices and go over the details of your potential lemon law claim.*

  • if you made 26 monthly payments of around $400 then 26x400= $10,400; enter $10,400 below
  • If vehicle was purchased used, subtract mileage that was attributed to the vehicle by previous owner from Mileage of first repair for safety issue
  • Please click here to read more about what a mileage offset is

In addition to the above amount, the manufacturer will be required to separately Pay Off your loan balance or make a Payment of any remaining lease obligations to get you out of the vehicle free and clear. Please click here to see what other additional damages you may recover under the California Lemon Laws. Other subtractions or additions can be made to this total amount, so please contact us now or call 888-983-4425 so that an attorney can evaluate your potential claim at no cost to you!
*This Does Not Constitute A Guarantee, Warranty, Or Prediction Regarding The Outcome of Your Legal Matter.

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