Here at Benchmark Legal, LLP, we are an experienced Lemon Law Firm that knows the ins and outs of the California lemon law. We can help you manage your case and receive the highest amount possible in the shortest amount of time at no cost to you.
Other benefits of letting us handle your case include:

  • As your lawyers, we know your consumer rights.
  • You may end up getting a resolution much quicker than attempting to deal with the issue yourself or with another firm.
  • You will have more negotiating power when represented by us because we know the law.
  • We will handle all correspondences with the manufacturer so you can avoid making statements that could damage your case.

Manufacturers generally tend to stand by the products they make and will make numerous arguments against your lemon law claims. Many consumers who are victims of “lemons” are confused about the law and what to, where to get help, or what rights they may have. They don’t know how long the process might take, what is happening while they are waiting for an answer, or how much money they deserve for their claim. There is a reason for that old saying that a man who acts as his own lawyer has a fool for a client. It is best that you utilize the benefits of hiring our firm by contacting us immediately for a free consultation.

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