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Free Consultation At No Risk To You

We work hard to protect the rights of consumers. Our representation starts with a free initial consultation to evaluate your claim. If we take on your case and do not recover an award for you, you incur no legal fees from us. If we do win an award for you, the manufacturer must pay our legal fees. If you are driving a lemon, put aside concerns about paying legal fees and work with us to get out of your lemon and recover the money you deserve.

  • The Lemon Law allows for the recovery of your attorney fees from the manufacturer.
    The intent of the California Legislature in drafting the Song Beverly Act (A/K/A the California Lemon Law) was to make manufacturers responsible for legal fees incurred in lemon law suits, thus giving individuals an incentive to pursue legal claims against large and profitable manufacturers.
  • The firm will cover all your costs and expenses – you will not be responsible for them.
    Once our firm has conducted a free evaluation of your potential lemon law claim, we will advise you on what rights you have under the Lemon Law. In the event we feel that you have a valid lemon law claim, we will retain you as our client and cover all costs and expenses related to pursuing your claim. Once the claim is settled, we will demand and get paid our attorney’s fees, costs, and expenses from the manufacturer.
  • You are not responsible for your attorney fees if we do not recover anything.
    NO RECOVERY, NO FEE. The California Lemon Law requires the manufacturer to pay the consumer’s attorney fees and costs in Lemon Law cases where the consumer prevails.
  • We will provide this in writing to you.
    A detailed retainer agreement will be sent to you so that you feel comfortable with the terms of our representation. Our attorneys will be more than happy to go over the provisions with you and give examples to you so that you can feel more comfortable with what you are signing.

To learn more, Call (888) 9-VEHICLE or (888) 983- 4425 to discuss your case for free.  Or fill out our contact form.

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