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In accordance with The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN), such visitor using the services of Car Registration, Inc.., consents to and, agrees that by accepting these Terms of Use, such visitor using the services of Car Registration, Inc.., are electronically/digitally creating and providing such visitor’s of Car Registration, Inc.., “signature mark” for the use and acceptance by of Car Registration, Inc.., and/or the DMV on any application, form, document, disclosure or agreement necessary to process such visitor’s registration transaction. Upon such visitor’s request, such visitor is entitled to receive copies of any or all electronically/digitally signed items used in connection with such registration transaction. Such visitor has the option to decline having such visitor’s signature(s) accepted electronically/digitally with regard to any item by completing and submitting such item in its original paper copy, digital upload or facsimile copy to Car Registration, Inc.. Car Registration, Inc.., will rely solely on the information submitted by the visitor, the (the “User”), for the completion and acceptance of such item(s) and Car Registration, Inc.., shall not be responsible for any misuse, errors, omissions or third party submission of any application, form, document, disclosure or agreement submitted by such visitor, the User, or any third party submitting information on such User’s behalf. In some cases, Car Registration, Inc.., may request valid identification of the visitor, (the “User”) for registered vehicle owner verification. Information Required by any such visitor: Such visitor agrees that in order to receive the current California Registration Certificate and Registration Sticker for the vehicle presented herein by User, Car Registration, Inc.. will require User to provide, via facsimile or digital copy, at least one of the following current or previously issued items: California Vehicle Registration Notice; California Notice of Delinquent Registration; California Notice of Incomplete Registration; California Vehicle Registration Card; or an original or electronically signed, California DMV form REG156 (Sections A,B &D) and any other documentation required by the DMV.

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