About Benchmark Legal, LLP

Sometimes, a name says it all. Benchmarks indicate high standards and act as exemplary models. Benchmark Legal, LLP exemplifies this concept and raises the bar on quality lemon law representation. Our boutique firm sets the gold standard, offering high-caliber consumer rights legal services in California. We strive to obtain outstanding relief on behalf of all our clients.

It is disappointing and frustrating to realize the vehicle you purchased or leased has ongoing problems. Benchmark Legal, LLP provides two essential services components as part of dealing with all aspects of Lemon Law cases. Taking the assembly line approach in representing clients is never an option. Instead, our goal is to provide personalized representation to every client while also obtaining the best possible resolution in the shortest amount of time. We understand that different clients have different financial constraints and we strive to work together to strategize and accommodate each individual.

Our motivations stem from a deep concern over motor vehicle safety issues and the financial hardships one can endure as a result of paying for a vehicle that’s problematic. Driving an unsafe car or truck may lead to injury or even death. While helping you get out of the lemon you drive, we also always keep you up to date on your case and work with you to alleviate your concerns. We think of it as acting as your legal “roadside assistance” as you travel through the Lemon law litigation process.

Whatever your circumstances, we want to talk to you. Give us the opportunity to present how Benchmark Legal, LLP can work for you.

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